After successfully creating and running a kitchen knives brand for 4 years,Kevin Fu honed his knife making abilities to such an extent that he took on the challenging task of developing folding knives. As the most important markets up with his elder cousin Kim Fu who is a knife enthusiast himself. While Kevin for such every day carry (EDC) are the USA and Europe, Kevin decided to partner over 15 years of experience, takes care of sales and marketing. Both decided to is responsible for the manufacturing and quality control processes, Kim, with bring in established designers and experienced craftsmen to complete the team and at the end of 2016, Tuya Knife was born.

   From the very beginning, the target was clear and unnegotiable: creatin innovative knives with a quality that lasts! Kevin and Kim are deeply convinced that only delivering true quality can built healthy roots for a stable and successful business. An optimal user experience and total customer satisfaction are the nourishment which will let the brand grow. From the beginning on, Tuya Knife was convinced that it needs service agents from within the market itself, as only locals will understand the customer´s specific needs best.

  For the USA, Tuya Knife is very lucky to have Dave Warren from Kentucky join the team. As official Distributor and Quality Service Center for Tuya, Dave guarantees the best services for the USA. For Europe, Sascha Stoelp from Germany is supporting Tuya. The Tuya Knife business is now set up thoroughly to offer their innovative knives in the two most important markets worldwide. This was completed at the end of 2018.

  On the manufacturing side, only staff which is very well experienced in making high quality folders was hired. Our specialists on the shop floor previously provided years of service to other OEM businesses. The team´s most important virtues are to listen to the voice of the customer, to analyze the process constantly! Each new knife released to the market proves that the market´s needs and most importantly, to keep improving the manufacturing feedback to the previous model was taken into consideration and is used to perfection is never ending.improve the manufacturing process.

  It is our philosophy that the search for Although the brand´s history is still rather young, Tuya Knife already received wide recognition from the market for their quality, service, and most of all, for the ability to listen to the customer!

  Kevin and Kim, as well as the whole team of Tuya, are very happy to share their love for high quality knives with those who have the very same.
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